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Feline Urinary Obstruction

Animals Affected

Male cats


Feline urinary obstruction is a life-threatening medical emergency.  It occurs when a plug of mucus or a small stone lodges in the urethra and obstructs it.  Strong spasms of the urethra may contribute to the syndrome.  Because the urethra is the structure used to drain urine from the bladder, this situation makes urination very difficult or impossible.

Ear Infections in Cats and Dogs

Animals affected

Cats and dogs of any age.


Ear infections are common and painful problems for pets. In cats and dogs, ear infections typically are opportunistic and not contagious. They often occur when the ear's immune system is disrupted by allergies, moisture, poor air circulation, or diseases such as feline AIDS. Under these conditions, bacteria and yeast that normally live harmlessly in the ear are able to proliferate to the point of infection.